Meet Mercedes Simonee

Mercedes is a black Atlanta-based make-up artist.  She has always had a passion for the beauty industry and great eye for make-up artistry. Growing up she was always told to get her education and find a career in her field , and she grew up to do just that graduating from Alabama State University with a degree in Rehabilitation Studies.  Although Mercedes enjoys her career as a Behavioral Therapist for children with special needs, she couldn’t ignore the desire in her heart for makeup. In her free time she spent hours learning how to apply make-up. As she continued to practice and grow her craft she began taking clients which afforded the opportunity to meet many different women who would began to fall in in love with Mercedes Simonee services. Later she realized her passion wasn’t just doing make up but also helping people to feel happy and fall in love with their unique beauty. 

“Some of my clients would not have a place to go but would come get their make up done just to feel good haha.” 

She not only wants her makeover to make people feel good on physically, but mentally as well and that’s when Mercy Makeovers began .